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The company is initiated by a group of Scientists and Educationalists who has been experimenting with STEM Education. The aim of these toys is to provide an explanation of scientific principles through toys and games. It adds to their scientific temperament as well as creativity.
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Our story goes back to the year 2015 when we started communicating science with a small group of children in Delhi NCR. Our efforts were endorsed by Vigyan Prasar (Dept of science & technology), we have organized several free of cost workshops and lecture series in schools Our group consists of several like-minded people, those who shared a zeal for imparting their knowledge.

Our approach was to create some activity around popular science topics. These activities are supported by some interesting stories. These activities were mainly focused around physics, chemistry and biology. Later we have included computer programming. This entire effort has taken the form of a science activity center, which is fairly popular among children and their parents.

After looking at the effectivity of these hands-on kits, we have launched them commercially. So, this is how Technybirds came in to existence in 2018. Our Toys always provide unique experience with value for money proposition. We have sold more than 50 K DIY kits and material through different channels. We are available at amazon, flipkart, Snapdeal.

We have applied different approach to teach computer programming, where children learn with physical manipulatives. These techniques proved so good that; our children have won the prizes in Google code to learn competition at national level.

Technybirds is IIM – Lucknow Incubated
Technybirds’ toys are conceptualized around STEM concepts. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is one of the latest methods of teaching, which is fairly popular in western countries. Each toy carefully explains the scientific principle behind it, designing is done in such a way that children feel it very easy to get involve with it. Every toy is supplied with Assembly sheet and activity sheet. Assembly sheet gives proper instruction to assemble it while activity sheet is designed in such a way that there should be a feeling of experimenting with it. Then observations are written to explore the scientific relationship between different factors. The aim of these products is to enhance the natural intelligence of children.



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