Role of STEM Toys in a Child’s Growth

Role of STEM Toys in a Child’s Growth

Hello there! Hope you and your little ones are fine and doing well. Did you know that as soon as your child is able to identify things around them and talk to and understand others around them, their brain starts developing at an accelerated pace?

It is a known fact that apart from physical aspects like brain growth and development of neurons and synapses, brain development in a young child (3 years and above) is extensively associated with and influenced by external factors.

What are STEM Toys?

At Technybirds, we kept these basic facts in mind when we started the production of our STEM toys. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM toys are essentially science toys – toys that help the young one understand basic scientific principles. Our toys also help kids undertake basic and simple science projects for science exhibitions.

The smile on their faces after they have completed the project – one of accomplishment as well as having learned something new – is sure to make your day worthwhile.

What stands apart in our toys, when you compare them with others in the market, is their educational value and ability to make your little one think, understand and grasp better, building their cognitive ability. Our scientists are educationists at heart, and they have created wonderful, colorful tools, more than mere playthings, that a child will love to play with.

Our educational toys challenge the intellect of your child. They pique the curiosity of the youngsters and train their young minds to understand or grasp a new concept, all the while making it a fun, interesting, and engaging interaction for them.

Growing the Cognitive Ability

You might gift your little kid a rubber doll on their birthday. Depending on their age, they will either pretend the doll is their child and try to take care of it or will forget about the doll after a time period. But what you will notice is that some of your kids might try to carefully observe the shape and make of the doll and try to design the doll’s clothes and even try to open up the artificial figure.

The point is that your child is naturally curious about things around them and their surroundings. So, why not provide them with educational tools in the form of modern toys that actually help children learn better? This is what prompted us to start the manufacturing of STEM toys for young ones (we had already been experimenting with STEM education before this).

Apart from being quirky, colourful, creative, and interesting, our toys are interactive and provide a lot more to your child other than basic amusement or entertainment. As an example, we have the Fun N Learn range of toys which are basically physics toys. A wading duck and its duckling explain motion and movement to your child. Then there is also the woodpecker, the Funny Bunny and more.

Each of these toys, apart from making the room or the desk on which they are kept interesting, has something to teach by way of a physics law or theory. Instead of doing so using a boring textbook, the creators chose to demonstrate these laws through science toys that are fun and engaging.

How to Pick Up The Right Kind of STEM Toy For The Kid

When you decide to purchase a STEM toy or any science toy for your child, please take into consideration their age and level of understanding first. Ideally, our products are more suited to kids aged 6-7 and above. They should be aware of what gravity is and be able to understand other basic scientific concepts like wind energy, hydroelectric energy, etc. Another great tip for buying the most relevant and appropriate toy for your child is to see if the basic science behind that toy is part of the school syllabus for your child during the time of purchase.

So, as an example, all kids will love the toys in the Fun N Learn range, but your child will have to be a little older (8 years and more) in order to fully enjoy and learn from the STEM DIY kits, for example.

So, take some time to visit our online shop and website and browse through all our products carefully before you make a purchase.

The Technybirds science toys assembly line has a diverse range of toys to keep your child productively engaged and interested in science and education. We have the Fun N Learn range as spoken of above, Robotic Toys, STEM Toys and also Early Learning Toys.

What are you waiting for? Gift your child a fun, interesting way of learning. Gift them a Technybird toy.

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