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Periscope: A suitable STEM toy

Periscope is one of the simplest and most engaging STEM toys for kids. It intrigues the child with its sheer capability of viewing the object which is not possible to see them if they don’t fall in the line of sight. periscope was invented by an Italian mariner for the submarine. it is a spy tool now we know how it was used in submarines. Apart from this specific use, what are the use of periscope in daily life? Some of them can be in rescue services. Where reach of human sight is difficult. Another place of use could be during observation of Dangerous chemical reactions in the lab. So, it can be used in any place where it is difficult to watch directly.

While using Periscope as a STEM toy for a class the following points are important to create a lesson plan:

You can watch periscope YouTube in the product section.

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