Periscope and Kaleidoscope Science Educational STEM Toy, DIY Kit


1. Easy Assembly
2. Want to be a spy or want to know that how people see on water surface sitting underwater in submarines.
3. Look at your back 360 degrees and different heights.
4. learn how the angle of mirrors helps to see through periscope.
5. Enter to the world of color.
6. The model is provided with mirror plate body, eye piece and lenses;
7. Learn how image patterns can be vivid and colorful in triangular symmetry of mirrors

“Periscope Object Body (1) + Periscope Viewing Body (1) + Mirror (2)+ Connecting pipe(1) + Canopy (1) + Base Plate (1)
Kalaideoscope (1) + Battery (1)+ Assembly Sheet and Activity sheet”


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