Aero modelling Science Educational STEM Toy DIY Kit


1. Easy assembly.
2. Three Models.
3.Learn flying an indore glider.
4. Carry wind tunnel test  and record its results.
5. Understand Principles of Flight.
6. Assembly instruction sheet.


Aeromodelling:(Toy Aeroplane Testing toy)

This STEM toy is designed to introduce concepts of aero-modelling to children of different age groups. It also helps children to understand an airplane. It lays foundation for budding aeronautical engineers. This is a perfect gift for a child who has inclination towards flying and rocketry. This toy can be the best way to teach about different parts of the airplane and their importance in flying.

As a fun part child are involved in making walkalong glider and then doing indoor flying for long hours. Indoor competitions of gliders dog fight can also be organised. Which is extremely fulfilled activity for schools.

OBJECTIVE: Learn principles of flying with fun.

PRINCIPAL AND CONCEPTS • Aero plane parts and their role e.g. Wing, Aileron, fuselage, vertical stabilizer, horizontal

ACTIVITIES • Test plane different shapes of wings and horizontal stabilizer and vertical stabilizers and   record difference in flying character of Aero plane. • Make an aerofoil and see how aero-plane wing works • Make model plane and launch it in air. • Enjoy the unlimited fun of walk along glider (supplied as ready to fly model) propellers are supplied as extra accessory.



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